The smart pad that takes care of your baby even when the car is parked

Imagine feeling the peace of mind of knowing that, from the moment your little one enters the car, a device can measure its humidity levels, temperature, and is even able to warn if the baby have been left alone on the seat of the vehicle.

Android / IOS compatible

Linko, innovation in infant safety

At Babyauto, we want you and your family to feel safer and safer throughout the trip, taking care of the little ones even when the vehicle is parked. That's why we created LINKO.

This is the way Linko helps your baby to feel good

Thermic sensor

Temperature control

Sometimes, the inner temperature is different depending on the specific area of ​​the vehicle (front or rear), depending on the air conditioners or external agents such as the sun.

LINKO measures the temperature in the area where your baby's car seat is located, so you can adjust the temperature of your vehicle if necessary

Humidity sensor

Humidity control

If you are on a longer journey, it is difficult for you to measure whether the baby has wet the diaper or not.

This smart pad can measure its degree of humidity in such a way that you will know very conveniently, quickly and at any time, if your child is at ease

Check using your mobile phone

App suitable for your smartphone

LINKO works with its own App that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone. In it you will be able to see and control, in real time, all the information that the pad collects while it is on and located in the car seat.

IOS and Android compatible

Presence sensor

First alert / alarm

If the vehicle is parked, LINKO has got a sensor capable of detecting if the baby is alone in the vehicle. At that moment you will receive a first notice in the App on your phone informing you so that you can get back to your car.

Second alert / notification by SMS

After the first alarm, in case after a few minutes the pillow is still detecting that the child is still alone in the vehicle, you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone. Finally, if this situation persists, the device itself will send a notification to the emergency telephone number that you have previously configured.

In just 3 steps

Set up quickly and easily your Linko

Synchronize Linko with then App

Download the Babyauto Linko App on your smartphone, then turn on your Babyauto Linko, and synchronize it following the steps in the App.

Configurate the profile

Enter your child's details into the App so that Babyauto Linko can offer you all the information. If there is more than one smart cushion in the vehicle, you can create different profiles.

Installation in the baby car seat

Place the cushion in the safety seat, making sure it is centered on the seat so that it is perfectly stable and comfortable for the child.


Enjoy a safer and calmer trip with Linko, the smart cushion that takes care of your baby's well-being

And you also can:

Select your emergency contacts

You can include up to X people in the App so that the device can notify you if you do not respond to the first alarm.


You can synchronize the same LINKO on two different mobile phones.

To have an account and different Linko cushions

If you have more Linko pads, you can get information about each baby in the same smartphone

Let's travel safe!

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