Guarantee of maximum security

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When it comes to safety, functionality and comfort in our products, we don’t settle for. And neither does your baby.

Babyauto products are conceived, designed and thoroughly tested to offer maximum comfort and safety for your baby in any vehicle. Created from top quality materials and maximum impact resistance, they incorporate Isofix technology, so that their installation and removal from the vehicle is comfortable, quick and, above all, reliable.
In addition, each of our child car seats are upholstered with padded, breathable, wear-resistant textiles and, of course, free of toxic compounds, so that your baby is as well cared for in their car seat as they are in your arms.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality products to our quality products to our customers, going far beyond usual standards. From rigorous testing in Tecnopark’s Impact Laboratory at multiple stages during R&D, car seat manufacturing and production compliance, to the stringent ISO quality control standards we set for every partner we work with.


Social Commitment

Babyauto strives for quality excellence to ensure your baby’s safety.

All BABYAUTO child seats are developed according to the highest safety standards. Our long experience and good EuroNCAP test results showed us that improved compliance with ECE R129 is essential for maximum child safety in modern i-Size vehicles.

Spanish Alliance for Road Safety

Spanish Association of Products for Children

Automobile Certification Unit

ISO 9001 certification

Crash Test

Dynamic testing center

We test our seats extensively to ensure the safety our children need.

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At Motorland’s state-of-the-art facilities, ECE-compliant impact tests are carried out, both for homologation and production control. Our aim is to guarantee the highest quality of each and every Babyauto baby car seat, in which millions of children travel every day on European roads.


Regulation and Legislation

We strive for quality excellence to ensure your baby's safety.

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and excellence in safety has led us to hold following certifications: ISO 9001:2015 and UCA (Automotive Certification Unit).

We also homologate our products under different international standards:

Current UNECE R44 regulation is in force in parallel with the new i-Size regulation (R129). Babyauto also collaborates with other leading brands and institutions involved in the Passive Safety Working Group (GRSP) for new and increasingly demanding regulations development.

Babyauto products are authorised for sale in Brazil. NBR 1400 regulation is only granted to those child restraint systems and childcare products that comply with this regulation, such as the ones Babyauto makes available to you.

Applicable on US roads, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 208, 213 and 225 are the American legislation on child safety while travelling. They are all part of the Codes of Federal Regulations (CFR)571.

People’s Republic of China requires manufacturers to their baby seats to meet strict approval standards in order to be awarded the China Compulsory Certification seal. Babyauto offers a wide range of baby car seats with this certification.

But we also strive to maintain high quality standards in other childcare components and accessories. We test the different materials, textiles and parts in independent laboratories to be sure to offer you the comfort, usability and durability you expect every time you buy one of our products.

Technological Institute of children’s products and leisure.

This type of anchorage allows an easier installation for adults and, by extension, greater protection and safety for child.

Compliance in textile.


Constant production control

Babyauto’s Quality Policy establishes the search for high standards for its products and services in terms of child safety. At the same time, it also highlights the commitment of the entire organisation to its customers, with the conviction that their success is also Babyauto’s success.

In addition, it focuses on human resources, promoting a corporate culture that tends towards social integration, quality of life, process safety and environmental sustainability.

In the daily dynamics, this initiative implies that Babyauto’s human resources share a unique Quality Management System, consistent with best practices; constant improvement of systems and processes; luid and transparent relationship with suppliers and customers, investment, sustained growth and customer satisfaction with quality products and services.

Joint drive of management, professionals, technicians and operators is what allows Babyauto Quality to be achieved. To this end, it is a priority to develop and strengthen our quality management system, standardising and regularly auditing the way in which we manage Quality guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2015 certification by Bureau Veritas.