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Reductor cushion

When it comes to making a decision, it is important to know which car seat is best suited to your baby’s needs and yours. Therefore, in addition to taking into account the type of seat that best suits your day-to-day life, it is also important that you look at the different elements that go with it.

One of these elements is the booster cushion, which you will find included in all our car seats. It is important that you pay attention to all its features, especially if your little one is still a baby.

¿What is the reductor cushion?

It is a cushion designed to reduce the space inside the seat so that when child is still a baby, it is perfectly adapted to it.

Inner cushion reduces lateral movements of the body, head and neck, which, in addition to safety, provides greater comfort so that your baby can travel more relaxed and calm.

The booster cushion cradles the baby's body body, giving the support it needs.

How long should you use it?

You should incorporate it from the time the baby is born until approximately 6 months of age. You can remove the part of the cushion that corresponds to the headrest after this period.

It is also advisable to progressively check that the cushion is correctly adjusted as the baby grows. Once it is big enough to occupy the entire seat, you can remove the rest of the cushion.

Lumbar wedge cushions

It is recommended that newborns and infants maintain a travel position that is neither too inclined nor too horizontal.

Normally in car seats, this is not the case as the baby travels in a sitting position. To solve this problem and to ensure maximum safety and well-being for the child, our car seats have a built-in lumbar wedge.

What is the lumbar wedge?

It is a triangular piece of high-density foam whose function is to improve ergonomics and offer a more natural lumbar position for the baby.

It covers part of the interior space of the seat and, as can be seen in the green drawing, it is located right in the area of baby’s bottom, thus providing extra support and an optimal position for the spine.

Improve your child's safety

Although there are universal booster cushions, it is important that, in order to maintain optimum safety conditions for your baby, you use the original booster cushion that comes with our buggies as far as possible. You should bear in mind that this cushion complies with the mandatory safety conditions and is specially adapted to each model and size of car seat.

Cushion is a soft and fluffy element that will be in constant contact with your baby but also functions as a protector for the seat, keeping it clean from scratches and stains, ensuring that the little one is in constant contact with the cushion and not directly with the seat.

It is important to keep the cushion in right conditions, especially during first months of your child’s life.

As it is a movable element, you can remove it from the chair whenever you need to clean it.

We recommend that you use neutral soap to clean it and water temperature does not exceed 30ºC.